I have created a survey in order to source information and others experience with  irrational fears:

>> Irrational Fears <<<<

This way I can use information and experience other than my own for this project to get personal insight as well as scientific and psychological information.





‘Overcoming the Orange Glass’

For my Final Major Project I decided to take a completely different path. I’ve put my project about Sexual Violence on hold for the moment and am now working on a project about irrational fears.

For part of my research I am going to watch films about fears, for example:

  • Eagle Eye, 2008
  • Eye’s Without a Face, 1960
  • In the Mouth of Madness, 1995
  • The Number 23, 2007

I will also be reading articles and books about various irrational fears/ phobias and why people have those them.





My reasons for doing such a taboo subject for my project isn’t for the controversy, it because I don’t think it should be such a controversial topic of conversation. My aim is to create a body of work to do with sexual violence, but I specifically want to make sure it isn’t ‘pretty’ and shows it with justice to the severity of the situation.

I want to make it a topic that everyone is able to talk about and address without feeling uncomfortable. Obviously I am aware that whatever I make won’t be able to do this for the world etc, but I do think that it is possible for me to put the thought in my peers and anyone else who see’s it’s heads, for anyone who is ignorant or uneducated on the situation, just to get them to understand what it is that is happening on a daily basis to many woman and men everywhere. The reason I think it’s so important to me that more people understand is because I used to be ignorant and uneducated on the matter, I did notice it happened a lot being a teenage girl but I didn’t see being groped or kissed without my concent as an issue or something that was wrong. Until one of my friends was raped I didn’t realise how much it happens and that it isn’t just something that can happen if you’re in a dark ally or in a club by a stranger, it could be someone you know (which statistically is more likely) which in this case it was.

During a conversation (crit) with my peers, many had concerns that it wouldn’t display it in a fair way as making art on something so horrible can sometimes end up beautifying the thing which wasn’t the intention of the artist. To stop this I’m thinking about everything very carefully before I do it, the subject not only being very controversial is also a very sensitive subject and could be quite traumatic for some viewers. I have to make sure to do the people who have given me their stories the justice they deserve and to make sure I don’t alter what they have told me or belittle their stories.

Another issue that was brought to my attention by my peers was that how are the audience going to know if the stories I am working with are true or false. This is something I find quite difficult to address as I don’t feel if it was stories about some other subjects that anyone would question it, the reason so many court cases to do with sexual violence don’t end with the ‘attacker’ going to jail or receiving any punishment for their actions is because there usually isn’t any evidence. In order to have evidence you would have to had known something was going to happen to record or make sure their was a witness. And the truth is most people wouldn’t be aware it was going to happen to them, yes sometimes you are ‘lucky’ enough that what happened was seen by witnesses or caught on cctv or some how have evidence. So when some of my peers asked how they could be sure it was true, I think it kind of gave the impression that they weren’t very educated in the matter. There is no way I can prove to you that the stories are true, however its completely the choice of the viewer whether they believe it or not.




Nan Goldin –

Nan Goldin – Artist (focuses mostly in photography and self portraits). She was in a long- term relationship which came out to be very abusive. Her book and slide show ” The Ballad of Sexual Dependancy” revealed it all through self portraits and various other works with the help of other artists.


‘Nan one month after being battered’ 1984

(photograph, colour, cibachrome print, on paper mounted onto board)

Image: 695 x 1015 mm)

I think what I like specifically about ‘Nan one month after being battered’ is the fact that she is clearly injured so badly but has got lipstick on, earring and a necklace, and hair done glossy and fancy. It kind of seems to me that she has tried to continue with her life as normal. She isn’t letting her bruises stop her from feeling glamorous, which is very different from a usual victim of domestic violence as usually victims have been known to hide what has happened to them due to feeling guilt or being ashamed. I think its a brave and bold move for Nan to have taken and shown this image of herself to the world after such a brutal ending to a long-term relationship, and is really inspiring to talk about the issue.

What I want to take from Nan Goldin’s work is that victims of assault and sexual battering shouldn’t be ashamed of what has happened to them. The reason I’m doing this project is because I think its such a important topic and should really be talked about and more widely discussed. Nan Goldin is just one example of public figures who are standing up against abuse, and I want to be able to create a body of work that does this.

“For a number of years I was deeply involved with a man… Things between us started to break down but neither of us could make the break…. our sexual obsession remained one of the hooks. One night, he battered me severely, almost blinding me.

-Quote from ‘The Ballad of Sexual Dependancy’ p.8



INSIGHT – Elizabeth Price 

Elizabeth Price is a filmmaker who is well known for using found footage (sourced media) to create video collages to express her topic of choice across to her audience. She does this is a way where she doesn’t need to straight up say what her point is as the way she visually represents it is enough.


Elizabeth Price – The Woolworths Choir of 1979

I’m using inspiration from her work to create my own films with a similar touch to them but by taking my own spin on them with audio and film I have collected (sourced) but also using audio and film I have created myself through interviews and creating abstract representation of sexual assault. I want to take aspects of her film pieces in my own work on sexual violence to create a body of work.






I have been working on a project looking at and around the subject of sexual violence and sexual assault. I chose this area specifically as being a young woman this topic is very prevalent in my life. I feel it is an area that isn’t talked about enough which I want to change through creating a body of art to express this. 

I’ve started this subject by sourcing found footage and creating my own abstract visual representations of and around the subject. I’m using film/ documentary as a starting point for this topic and have also been using collage pieces.